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Proudly Welcoming Clients from across North West England

Escape the pressures of daily life, treat burdensome ailments, and alleviate tension while meditating in our tranquil floatation pods. At Mandala float Centre, in Preston, Lancashire, we are talented float therapy and wellness specialists who invite you to begin a journey of blissful relaxation at our float centre.

Enjoy a Soothing Treatment

Rest, recuperate, and recharge your body by treating yourself to a float therapy session in one of our float pods. Just one hour in a floatation pod will provide ultimate relaxation and help you to feel completely rejuvenated. Suitable for anyone in need of deep relaxation, relief from pain, requiring help with mental health issues, recovering from injury, emotional issues, PTSD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports recovery, insomnia and many other conditions. Our treatments are designed for clients of all ages. /p>

Relax in True Serenity

We offer specially designed isolation float pods for individuals – each pod is in its own private room with shower facilities. There’s also the option to float at the same time as a friend or partner by booking both pods together. 

Our Pods Help With:

✔  Stress Relief

✔  Muscular/ Chronic/ Back Pain

✔  Rheumatism

✔  Migraines/ Headaches


✔  Jetlag

✔  Anxiety

✔  Insomnia

✔  Postnatal Depression

Float into a State of Bliss

During a treatment, your pod is filled with 10″ of soothing water and approximately 500kg of Epsom salts. Perfectly warmed to body temperature, the water and air in the pod send you on your way to relaxation. You experience a sensation of floating while your body feels lighter. By depriving your senses of touch and sight, our treatments allow you to enter a deeply meditative state free from the distractions of external stimulation.

Shower with Organic Soaps

As well as ensuring you are nicely cleaned before entering the pod, you enjoy a soothing shower after the treatment. We offer natural, eco- and vegan-friendly showering products that are completely free of harsh chemicals and toxins. As well as removing any salt from the skin as a result of the cleansing pod treatments, our natural soaps replenish and rejuvenate your body for better health.

An Eco-Friendly Service

In addition to natural showering products, we provide everyone with their own fresh, clean towel, so you do not have to bring anything with you.

Our Affordable Sessions

Currently priced at only £35 per session, our sensory deprivation treatments are amongst the lowest priced in the UK. Your experience includes a brief explanation about the benefits fo floating, an introduction to the float rooms and float pods followed by a full 60 minute float experience. You then have ample time to shower afterwards, use our vanity area and spend time in our relaxation room with a fresh hot or cold drink. You should allow a total time of around 90 minutes for the end-to-end experience.

Check out our Facebook Page for more information on the float sessions we offer in our isolation tanks.